'Before and After'
 Roofcare Moss Removal & Roof Renovation Programme
 ... preserves the roof and character of property.

 ... provides a long term solution to your roofing problems.

 ... protects your greatest asset.

This programme will increase the life span of the roof, bringing it back to top condition .... and instantly enhance the appearance of your property, in 4 Steps.
Step 1:
HYDROCLEAN ROOF - removing all moss, lichen, fungi, dirt & pollutants
Step 2:

Replacement of all missing, broken or damaged tiles or slates

Repairs or replacement of flashings, valleys, lead works, etc

Repointing and rebedding of ridge tiles, bonnets, chimney stacks and all cement works as necessary
Step 3:
APPLICATION OF ANTIFUNGICIDE - to whole of overhauled roof to retard future growth of moss, fungi, etc
Step 4:
PRESERVE ROOF - by application of microporous waterproofing  sealant which strengthens and retextures  tiles / slates, preserving the roof whilst allowing it to 'breathe'.
N.B. If your roof is in good repair and needs no remedial works.  
Should you wish to radically improve the appearance of your property only, we are able to hydroclean the roof and apply the antifungicidal solution and preservative, in order to instantly increase the visual appeal of your home.